Baby Shower Registry Guide

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are here, you must be planning for your Baby Shower! We are here to help you choose the safest products for your baby. Read the article below and download the Baby Shower Gift Guide.

There are a couple of things to be mindful of before adding items to your registry from a Safe Sleep standpoint:

  1. JUST BECAUSE AN ITEM IS SOLD IN A STORE DOES NOT MEAN IT IS SAFE! There are many items sold in stores that may be unsafe for your baby to sleep in and should be purchased with caution, or not at all. Some popular products that are marketed for infants but should NEVER be used for sleeping and napping are:

    XX - Baby Loungers & In-Bed Sleepers – Dock A-Tot (for example) is a popular lounger that many people unfortunately use for sleeping and napping babies. Products like this one should ONLY be used for supervised awake times and NEVER for your sleeping or napping baby.

    XX - Inclined Rockers – Many of these items have been recalled in the last few years. Inclined swings or rockers should never be used for sleeping or napping babies.

    XX - Baby Blankets – You may have a few on hand but baby blankets should not be used for sleeping or napping. Instead, stock up on unweighted Sleep Sacks that are AAP approved wearable blankets.

    XX - Bumper Pads – Even the mesh bumper pads can tangle around a baby’s neck or increase suffocation risk. Stay clear and use an approved Sleep Sack instead to help prevent baby’s feet from going through the crib slats.

    XX - Weighted Sleep Sacks – Despite claims on product websites, weighted sleep sacks are NOT approved by the AAP and should never be used. Stay away!

  2. BEWARE OF SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS AND ADVERTISEMENTS. Social media influencers are not safe sleep professionals and often get money from companies to help advertise their products. Their advice is opinion only and can steer you in an unsafe direction.

  3. ITEMS MARKED AS “SLEEPERS” AND “LOUNGERS” HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED FOR SAFE SLEEP. There are only 3 items that have been tested and approved for safe sleep; Bassinets, Cribs, and Pack ‘n Plays. Products marked as “Sleepers” and “Loungers” have not been tested or do not meet current safety standards set by the CPSC as a safe sleep product. There are no in-bed sleepers on the market that are safe for infant use.

  4. READ PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. When purchasing items for your baby, you must read the instructions carefully to ensure you use the item correctly. Even Dock A-Tot’s sold in the United States have a warning label that reads, “NOT FOR SLEEPING”.

  5. EACH BABY MUST HAVE THEIR OWN SLEEP SPACE. If you have twins, this means you must have 2 Cribs, 2 Bassinets, and/or 2 Pack ‘n Plays. Twins or multiples should never share a sleeping surface. Crib dividers are not safe.

  6. A SAFE SLEEP SPACE, IS A BORING SPACE. A safe sleep space is a boring sleep space! No pillows, blankets, quilts, bumpers, teddy bears, toys or mobiles should be dangling from the crib. A SAFE SLEEP AREA MEANS: the CRIB, FIRM MATTRESS, FITTED SHEET, AND THE BABY (WITH OR WITHOUT SLEEP SACK).

  7. SAFE SLEEP GUIDELINES HAVE CHANGED SINCE YOUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS HAD BABIES. Safe Sleep guidelines have changed drastically since the 90’s. The best practice is to share new guidelines with your child’s grandparents and caregivers so everyone is on the same page.
    The AAP recommendations are to follow the ABC’s of Safe Sleep for your baby’s first year of life.
    A : Alone
    B : on Back
    C : in a safe Crib
    D : in a Smoke-Free environment

  8. ITEMS TO PURCHASE. There are a few items that we DO recommend you put on your registry! See below:

    • A place for your baby to sleep: You need either a Crib or a Pack ‘n Play/Cribette™ for your baby to sleep. Bassinets are also a great option for your newborn, but please note they are not to be used for the full year as your baby will outgrow it quickly (around 15lbs).

    • Swaddles: Many babies love being swaddled the first few weeks. Please be aware that you can only swaddle with arms in/elbows flexed for the first 8 weeks or once your baby shows signs of rolling, whichever comes first. For this reason, don’t buy too many! Some babies don’t like being swaddled or roll very early.

    • Sleep Sacks: Sleep sacks will be your best friend for the first year or more! There are many different versions but make sure your sleep sacks are unweighted, fit appropriately to your baby, and have enough room at the bottom for baby to kick and move their hips.

    • An extra Pack ‘n Play for traveling: We highly suggest purchasing an extra Pack ‘n Play to have for when you are traveling with your baby. Pack ‘n Plays are safe, approved portable cribs that can be easily assembled when you are at someone’s house or on vacation.If you have any questions, or need help reviewing your registry, please email us at

      Download your Registry Guide HERE.